I bought the painting “......” by Henriette because I loved the motif and the way it was painted. By the way, I strongly believe in you as an artist, and I am quite sure that you will be one of the Great Artists one day. When that happens it sure is great fun to have one of your paintings. Good luck and I´ll be following you and enjoy all the well deserved critics you receive.
— Bente Brønner
The painting “Holding on to keep you” has been exhibiting shows both national and international in several years, and has now found its home in Røyken. I simply fell in love with the art work the minute I laid eyes on it, and had to buy it. Not because it matches the interior, not because of its colors, but because it touched me so dearly. It is so beautiful, and there are so much in it. Everyone who sees the painting stops and comment, and get this special feeling. I´ve been to several of Henriette Roka-Aardal´s exhibitions and find her art works so amazing. Recommended!
— Christine Kvam Rønning
A fantastic painting Henriette created for us on our 5-year anniversary. Very pleased with her proposal to design, color and size before ordering and all the information along the way. Great fun to order something one of a kind. We´ve become very fond of the art of Henriette and will probably take the opportunity to make more works from this amazing artist.
— Espen Olsen
This wonderful artist, Henriette, took her time to visit us and then painted the perfect painting. We are so pleased and happy for this art work, and I feel her energy in it and it also makes me so touched and humble.
— Solveig Førrisdahl
It´s not always easy to explain why you like or dislike art, but when I first saw Mr. Smoke, I knew he had to be mine. Now I´m the proud owner of av picture which is so cool with the rest of my art collection - all thanks to this talented and hardworking Henriette. I find so much joy in her picture every day.
— Marianne Elisabeth Granly
Notice the name Henriette Roka-Aardal, a young gifted painter who will make her mark with her distinctive brush strokes. Harmony, peace and quiet is what strikes me when I look at her paintings. The images fit everywhere in a private home or in public buildings. Recommend everyone to go and see Roka-Aardal´s art.
— Inger Johanne Langlo Hagen
I so adore the painting I´ve got by Henriette Roka-Aardal! And it´s extra fun that this is one of her first paintings.
— Ingerid Carho