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Show your world - Gallery MC, New York

I´m participating in a group exhibition at Gallery MC in New York from 15th 17th of January 2016. Jury: Lawrence Whitman, Paul Clemence, Marc Fields, Marvin Scott, Jayanthi Moorthy and Rebecca MB Pearson. 

Below are the list of me & all the other artists who are represented in the art-exhibition. 

  • Xiaoxi Kang, United Kingdom
  • Ola Gofshtein, Israel
  • Henriette Roka-Aardal, Norway
  • Edgar Krill, Germany
  • Adi Argov, Israel
  • David Rodriguez, USA
  • Hadieh Afshani, Australia
  • Ehud Bassis, USA
  • Igor Kovaliov Ukraine/USA
  • Kayla Heck, USA
  • Nicola Culican, Hong Kong
  • Jason Poremba, USA
  • Jordi Mestre, Spain
  • Dongze Huo, China/USA
  • Kirill Ovchinnikov, Russia
  • Leah Miriam, USA
  • Ryota Matsumoto, Japan
  • Juanito Conte, Uruguay
  • Philippe Farcy, France
  • Shirley Siegal, Israel
  • Travis Washington, USA
  • Diana Mui, USA
  • Aaron Smith, USA
  • Mingyu Du, China
  • Eva Redamonti, USA
Later Event: April 14