Unique Christmas decorations

The scent of Christmas...

The scent of Christmas...


There's something special about this time of year.

All the food, the lovely scents that fills the kitchen and perhaps the entire house.... The beautiful decorations, the lights. Everything seems to shine a bit extra bright these days. Not to forget all the good memories from when you were little and maybe even met Santa for the first time.

To me personally, the time before Christmas is what I do love best, because it´s time to decorate the house, light up every room with candles and the scent of Christmas. - And most of all I love how so many great memories come back to me when I see many of the Christmas ornaments I have had for years...even from the time I was a little girl.

Every year since me and my family moved into our own house, I´ve bought one new ornament to hang on the tree. Well, I´m suppose to buy one, but always end up with two or three.. And when I bring out the decorations it gives me so much joy and lovely memories to look back on. And yes, you´ve guessed right; our Christmas tree is the "Less is not more" kind of style, and it takes the whole family almost 2 hours to decorate it. We have a tree with nearly 17 years of memories collected in wonderful Christmas ornaments from different shops and several countries, all kept in the color palette of gold, brown and copper.

Because I have a crush on unique Christmas ornaments, I decided last year to make a special Christmas ball for you to collect. Hope you like them as much as I do! 

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas time!

Love, Henriette.

It became a collection of wooden, handpainted VeryMerryXmasBalls with a design of my favorite guys; the Monks! 

The collection is a limited edition of 24 Christmas decorations - so hurry up to get yourself one of these very special decorations!⭐️

Material & technique: Wooden beads are handpainted by me with two-three layers of acrylic paint, ink and chlorine. Then the monks are painted on with white acrylic and then details are supplied with a pencil. Tiny snow crystals are carefully painted with a 00-brush before each Very-Merry-Xmas-Ball are varnished three times. Leather band for suspension and synthetic tassel are also assembled by me. Design: MONKS.

Get your unique VeryMerryXMasBall with MONK design!

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