My art, my reflections on a Mon(k)day

It is quite exciting actually to think about where some of my paintings are from time to time. And also what kind of feelings people get when looking at my art work. Much of the feedback and respond I recieve from the public is that they love my use of colors, and find my palette very soothing and calming. Many people also mention that because of my muted color combinations, my art can decorate every house - even if it's a private home or a public building, -old or modern. And the most important respond I so happily and humble recieve, is that my art and the titles I assign my work, touches them deeply and gives them that special feeling they sometimes just can't describe. Now that alone gives me so much inspiration to continue my artistic path.


As you read my post at this very minute, this painting "I always hear them talk" is now preparing for meeting new people at the Karmsund exhibition in Haugesund next weekend. It's probably still all wrapped up, waiting in a dark room for getting its place on one of the exhibition walls...while I'm here in my studio finishing up another piece of work. Who knows where that painting will end up and who it will meet? Quite a nice thought to have on this fine Mon(k)day...