A dream come true - My art in NY!

 I ❤️ YOU ! 

I ❤️ YOU ! 

When you see the painting with this odd looking guy, you see why I love him, right? He's got style, he's so cool and he always agrees with me! 

And one other thing... He made my dream come true: Show my art in New York! 

I can't be there myself, so he will travel all by himself to Gallery MC where he will have the time of his life! I'm sure. He will meet the lovely Natalie Burlutskaya from Reartiste, who's in charge off this international art exhibition "Show Your World", and all of the other amazing artists from countries such as UK, Israel, Russia, USA, Australia, France, Japan & more.. 


I've made a promise to this smoking guy and all of his brothers (yes, he's got 4 smoking brothers) and myself - My art will be back in New York, and when that happens, I am so gonna be there! 


Have a cool weekend! Love, Henriette