Show your world - Soon to be seen at a gallery near you!

11 days left to the Art Exhibition "Show your world" takes place in Gallery MC in New York. Artists of various media shows the artwork reflecting and depicting the world through the prism of an artist´s eye and vision. 

My artwork is a painting of a smoking, bold headed guy wearing some strange glasses and his best suit. He feels like a hunk, even if he doesn´t quite look like one. He is relaxed and secure, even if he hasn´t got the looks of a supermodel. Considering the title "Are you lonesome tonight?" he´s even trying to hit on you. -This is a man who believe in himself despite his odd looks. 

In our world we are obsessed by beauty and so many of us strive good looks and perfection.  We take hundreds of pictures before we post the perfect selfie-shot, models are being (photoshop´ed) edited beyond recognition and into a size even Barbie would be jealous of. And people try to find their happiness and self-asteem by getting surgery and change their looks. Why do we not love ourselves any more? Why are we so disaffected by our looks? Why can´t we be more like the guy in the painting; happy and more than pleased on how we look?

Our world is developing into a superficial and unreal world, if we don´t start to accept and love ourselves and all human appearance. We all have different looks; natural looks, odd looks, good-looking looks, and just plain looks. That´s what makes us perfect in our own unique and beautiful way.

Take a look in the mirror and give yourself a big smile. Trust me. You look great! And remember; no one has the blueprint on perfection. This is not a perfect world. It is our world. Let´s make it look good!

Love, Henriette :)

The artists participating: Xiaoxi Kang (UK), Ola Gofshtein (Israel), Henriette Roka-Aardal (Norway), Edgar Krill (Germany), Adi Argov (Israel), David Rodriguez (USA), Hadieh Afshani (Australia), Ehud Bassis (USA), Igor Kovaliov (Ukraine/USA), Kayla Heck (USA), Nicola Culican (Hong Kong), Jason Poremba (USA), Jordi Mestre (Spain), Dongze Huo (China/USA), Kirill Ovchinnikov (Russia), Leah Miriam Cooper (USA), Ryota Matsumoto (Japan), Juanito Conte (Uruguay), Philippe Farcy (France), Shirley Siegal (Israel), Travis Washington (USA), Diana Mui (USA), Aaron Smith (USA), Minguy du (China) and Eva Redamonti (USA).