In search of the monks.

Today I`ve sent an email to the V&A and the British museum in London, hoping they can help me track down who made the cool sketches of the monks.

During 1994-1995 I visited the two biggest museums in London with my art-class from Kent Inst. of Art&Design, and we did sketches all day long. Heaven!

And there, in one room at the museum (cannot remember if it was the V&A or the Brit.) I saw the beautiful sketches of some monks and filled a few pages in my sketch- book. I believe to remember it was Picasso who`d made them. 

So simple, so wonderful and so expressive. 

Was Picasso the monk-sketching-master?

Was Picasso the monk-sketching-master?

But since I only remember them so vaguely, and I can`t find my sketchbook from the 90`s, I`ve tried by memory to remember how the original sketches looked like and I`ve made several drawings and a few paintings of them. But they`re just not right.

So now I do hope one of the museums can help me. Or perhaps you know which monk-sketches I`m talking about?  Please let me know if you do!