Art + interior =

What would a room be like if we just decorated it with furniture, a carpet and all the interior-gadgets you could get hold on? 

Well, it would probably be pretty nice.

But to lift the room up to another level, you`ll need a piece of jewelry. A piece of art.  It could be a sculpture or a painting, but when you add art to an environment, it sure gives more class and personalizes the expression of the room.

Many people find it hard to buy art that lifts and fits the interior in a room, because they don`t know where to start. -Shall they look at colors, structures? Should it be big or small? Where shall they place it? Which artist should they choose? Or, does it have to be expensive?

There are so many questions. And actually there are as many answers. 

As an artist, and former worker in the interior business, I find it most important to  know what kind of person YOU are, and what kind of interior/art/colors makes YOU happy and calm, to help you find YOUR piece of jewelry. And when you know these things, then you can make the most successful interior-projects or choose the best piece of art to a customer. 

I also find it important to remember that you should buy both art and interior that means something special to YOU, not to everybody else. If it also turns out to be an investment by time, -hey, it`s a bonus!

Sometimes I challenge the customer by choosing different interior and art-pieces that they might have put up on their number 1-list.. Because sometimes you don`t always know what`s best for the room or yourself.. 

 "We shall stand tall and face it all", acrylic on canvas. 100 x 100 cm.

"We shall stand tall and face it all", acrylic on canvas. 100 x 100 cm.

If you want to buy art only as an investment, I surely recommend you to do that. But that`s a whole other story. This was just a little story about how art + interior = so true.