/ Happy Easter / God Påske / Feliz Pascua/ Joyeuses Pâques / Glad påsk /

Easter is just around the corner, and during this holiday we eat eggs. A lot of eggs. It`s said that only here in Norway during Easter, we eat approximately over 21 million eggs! -and we`re only 5 million people in this country.                                                                                                 - I think we all should stand up and give a big applause for all the hens in the world.           "Thank you ladies. -We love you!"

If you`re not sure how to boil an egg, just keep on reading (or look at the picture if you know how to read Norwegian.)

Soft boiled: 3 - 6 minutes.          Smiling eggs: 6 - 8 minutes.          Hardboiled: 8 - 10 minutes.

I wish you an EGGceptional happy Easter with boiled eggs, egg-hunting, omelets, plastic eggs, chocolate-eggs, marzipan-eggs, eggs&bacon, scrambled eggs, egg-decoration and hopefully a BIG egg filled with your favorite candy!