To fall in love with art.

It is so true. We do fall in love with art, -well not everything though. But you know when you get that special feeling inside when you´ve seen a particulary painting or a certain sculpture, you just know. It touches you. It might even make you cry because of the feeling it gives you. You´re in love. 

As an artist it is so amazing to create a piece of work that gives someone that special feeling  and that it touches them so much, they want to bring it home. That is absolutely wonderful. 

In this case, a very good friend of mine ordered a painting for his living room. But to paint on order is often a bit more challenging. Mostly because the customer may already have an idea of what he/she wants and doesn´t want to say anything so the artist can use their creativity without any boundaries. 

When people buy art you´ve already made, they fall in love with what they see in front of them. So to get a customer to fall in love on an ordered piece is almost twice as fun! 

-Luckily for me my friend loves his new painting!