Ready for take off.

N E W  P A I N T I N G

You finally found me. 2015

I've just finished painting this piece, and the two birds are soon ready for take off to meet their new family.

There is something about these birds I've created that touches people, and that again touches me. The birds' shape obviously reminds people of birds they've seen before, but I think it is how I've painted them that creates the fascination for these birds. The chlorine gives a special color and effect which makes people think about birds ready for take off, having sunny, salty water dripping down from their feathers... Or they might relate these motives to birds covered in spilled oil caused by a pollution disaster. 

One motive can have several interpretations, and either make you happy or sad. It might even make you engaged so you wanna do something for the enviroment. Either way I do hope these birds of mine touches you in one way or the other, and get you ready for your todays take off, what ever that might be.

❤️ Henriette