Buy your Very Merry Xmas Ball today!

Today at 12:00 you can order your Very Merry Xmas Ball at there are only 24 pieces, and each and everyone has got their unique design. Some of them has got leather bands and a silver tassel, and some of them only leather bands. But if you´d like a silver tassel as well, just let me know, and I´ll send it along with your order.

It all started with some wooden balls and my idea of making special designed Christmas ornaments. The last couple of weeks have been a long journey of layers of paint, drawing tiny details, some more paint and then the final work; signing & numbering them. You can get your lucky number on you Very Merry Xmas Ball, -if it´s between 1 and 24, -...and not already sold. 

If you really want to buy one, please check out and go to Very Merry Xmas Ball. There you´ll find picture, number and information on how to get your favorite on your Christmas tree.

Unfortunately the picture only shows one side of the Very Merry Xmas Ball, so you will not see the whole art piece until you wrap it up at home. It would be like a little surprise Xmas present from me to you! 

Looking forward to hear from you. 

:) Henriette