Quite frankly my dear, Mon(k)day it is.

Little did I know that one visit to a museum in London in the mid 90's would make one of my favorite designs so many years later. A pale pencil sketch by Picasso of a monk. Among so many other art works I drew the monk in my sketchbook, - simply loved the form and delicate shape of the figure. It must have made quite an impression when I sort of remembered the entire shape over twenty years later later! Just imagine all the art works, sketches, designs and shapes I've seen all those years.....why did this shape suddenly come to my mind? Beats me. But what I do know is that I truly love the MONKS and how they look right now, so quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Especially on a Mon(k)day! 🗿


 KLOSTER Nidarholm - more info: www.roka-aardal.com

KLOSTER Nidarholm - more info: www.roka-aardal.com

Mon in a sketch, a painting and one day as a sculpture.


Finally, my first painting of a Monk with his arm of copper wire is finished. It all started with a sketch.. now he's on the canvas.. and one day he'll be out there as a giant sculpture. Maybe I have to start with a small one to get the hang of it, but in the end I sure do hope I'll fulfill my artistic dream and vision, and create an enormous Monk.

 Last might I had the strangest feeling. 90x120

Last might I had the strangest feeling. 90x120

Maybe you think I'm crazy, but artists are a bit crazy, aren't they/we? 🗿 Let me put it as one crazy president would've said it; Nobody will make a bigger Monk sculpture than me. No one. I'll make a Monk sculpture. It's gonna be fantastic. So true. ; ) 👌🏻🗿☝🏻 #aimforthestars #justdoit


Many people ask me how long it takes to create a painting. But to give a straight answer to that is almost impossible. Sometimes if I'm in a really creative zone it may take a few hours, but usually it can be a couple of days, a week...or it can actually take years before a painting is done. But then I do not work on it continuously, -I'll leave it for half a year or so, and then start again. This very painting has actually taken me 2,5 years to finish. It's even been exhibited in the meanwhile, but that's because I thought it was completed. But here the other day while looking at it, I realized what I had to do. So I painted the black tree, some white buildings and two monks. And now it's done - complete - finitto!

 100x100 cm acrylic om canvas.  

100x100 cm acrylic om canvas.  

"Need your devotion" - in a new and pimped up version ready for an upcoming exhibition in April. 🗿 Wish you all a happy Mon(k)day filled with Sunshine, Kind People all around you, and lots & lots of Fun!

A monk outside for you and me.

 🗿One day this Monk will stand outside. Outside in the sun, in the rain and even when thousands of snow crystals fall down from heaven above. He will be there no matter what. He will stand there waiting for you to stop by. To look at him. To touch him, and maybe even you'll tell him a little secret only the two of you will know. He will be there. Always. For you, me and everybody we know.

 Ink drawing from my sketchbook of a Monk sculpture.  

Ink drawing from my sketchbook of a Monk sculpture.  

Are you listening?


To know what other people are fond of and like is not always that easy. This painting was shown at my first solo exhibition back in 2014 - and to be honest I wasn't even sure I should bring it. But I did, and on the Grand Opening, people went crazy over it - and I could've actually sold it four times on that one evening. So, I want you to learn from this lesson; Never decide what others should like best.


On the picture above you see the painting I didn't want to exhibit at the artcollector's livingroom. Everytime I meet her, she tells me how much she loves the painting, and how it makes her smile every day just looking at it. So, by not deciding what other people should like, I've made her smile over 1000 times! That for sure makes me happy.❤️

Painting heals heartbreak.

Two years ago I had a big heartbreak when we sold our sailboat. It felt like a really bad breakup, and I remember I left the pier for the very last time with tears in my eyes.

During the first summer in ages away from the wonderful life at our sailboat, I arranged a three week long exhibition nearby the sea, where I also painted 'live' for the audience. I filled one canvas after the other with different motives of life at sea. Boats with Monks, big waves, calm sea, and endless horizons with sailboats in the distance. And in almost every work the sky were beginning to bruise. Creating all these paintings was my way to deal with 'the loss' of our sailboat.

Now the heartbreak is over, but I still have to make paintings of the sea. Perhaps that's how I keep the sorrow away? You know, I will always have a special relationship to the sea and... "I always hear them talking". This artwork is from that period. Hope it will bring my love for the ocean and life at sea to its new owners in Oslo. 💙

 70x60cm Acrylic, ink and chlorine on canvas.

70x60cm Acrylic, ink and chlorine on canvas.


Here are two other paintings I did that summer. 

 What we see is no surprise. 100x100 cm

What we see is no surprise. 100x100 cm

Why not use this Mon(k)day to pimp up your livingroom with some art? When you use art in your interior, you will not only get something nice to look at, but also an unique, personal touch to your home. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

 Monks on the wall - matching the colors of the interior.

Monks on the wall - matching the colors of the interior.

Feel free to stop by www.roka-aardal.com and see if you'll find yourself a favorite!👌🏻

MONKS - one of my favorite characters to paint

 MONKS in a row. MONKS on a table. MONKS on a wall. 🗿

MONKS in a row. MONKS on a table. MONKS on a wall. 🗿

The sculpture (to the left) was made last year and it's my first. But not my last. I sure do hope to create more sculptures during this year and in the future because I can so easily imagine them beeing wonderful pieces not just for indoor decoration, but also for outside use. 🗿

The collection of monasteries called KLOSTER Nidarholm and KLOSTER Lindisfarne are made out of polystone and each piece are handpainted by me. They are so wonderful to use in table decorations - as a group or on their own  - and you'll have a perfect set dinnertable especially if you combine them with large, white candles.🕯🗿

During the last two years I've been using MONKS in many of my paintings. Even though they have a simple expression and form, I feel there are so many different ways I could paint them and create an endless amount of new pieces using them as the main character. They give me calmness and peace just looking at them, and it sure is a joy creating them in different colors using a variety of painting techniques. 🗿

Feel free to leave a comment about YOUR favorite MONK piece.



You can order a personal painting.

Did you know that you can also order a personal painting like this art collector did? If you want a certain size or perhaps some special details put in the painting, everything is possible. 

 Detail: I need you the most. 120x80cm, 2016. Acrylic, ink and chlorine, design: inkbirds with poppies.

Detail: I need you the most. 120x80cm, 2016. Acrylic, ink and chlorine, design: inkbirds with poppies.

Send me an email: henriettera@mac.com and I'll contact you within 1-2 days. 💌


Spread the word.

Checking out.

Checking out of the beautiful show house for the last time. ⭐️ Hope its new owners will feel all the love and happiness my paintings, the visitors and me have experienced here! Together with the wonderful Hege Jøldal I arranged an exhibition (Art in a House) "Kunst i Hus" where over 50 paintings of mine were shown i a brand new functionalist house. Thank you @blockwatne_ for a great collaboration - together we created art history! 🎉

 My paintings and me in the hallway for the last time. 

My paintings and me in the hallway for the last time. 

Happy new year!



2016⭐️ Another great year is soon to be over, and again I've had one amazing year which I feel so lucky and humble to have experienced! During group exhibitions I've met some incredible artists, collaborated with one of Norway's largest house constructors, created a painting with 55 people, and exhibited twice in lovely NYC(!)⭐️⭐️⭐️ Can't wait to continue my artistic journey in 2017 - and I'm really looking forward to show you more art both national and international and collaborate with some of my new art friends. For the year to come I'll be working on new techniques and develop me as an artist to create more exciting art. Hope to both see and meet you all along the way, because with you by my side everything is so much more fun!🎉 Thank you so much for all kind words, love and support throughout the year - it means the world to me. ❤️ See you next year!🌠2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣🍾 Love & all the best from Henriette, 🗿🗿🗿, the ink birds and mr.Smoke!

We're dreaming of a white Christmas, my monks and I.


KLOSTER Lindisfarne & I'm dreaming of a white Christmas • Just like the ones we used to know • Where the treetops glisten, and children listen •To hear sleigh bells in the snow

KLOSTER Lindisfarne & I'm dreaming of a white Christmas • With every Christmas card we write • May your days be merry and bright • And may all your Christmases be white

🌟 🌟 🌟


Unique Christmas decorations

 The scent of Christmas...

The scent of Christmas...


There's something special about this time of year.

All the food, the lovely scents that fills the kitchen and perhaps the entire house.... The beautiful decorations, the lights. Everything seems to shine a bit extra bright these days. Not to forget all the good memories from when you were little and maybe even met Santa for the first time.

To me personally, the time before Christmas is what I do love best, because it´s time to decorate the house, light up every room with candles and the scent of Christmas. - And most of all I love how so many great memories come back to me when I see many of the Christmas ornaments I have had for years...even from the time I was a little girl.

Every year since me and my family moved into our own house, I´ve bought one new ornament to hang on the tree. Well, I´m suppose to buy one, but always end up with two or three.. And when I bring out the decorations it gives me so much joy and lovely memories to look back on. And yes, you´ve guessed right; our Christmas tree is the "Less is not more" kind of style, and it takes the whole family almost 2 hours to decorate it. We have a tree with nearly 17 years of memories collected in wonderful Christmas ornaments from different shops and several countries, all kept in the color palette of gold, brown and copper.

Because I have a crush on unique Christmas ornaments, I decided last year to make a special Christmas ball for you to collect. Hope you like them as much as I do! 

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas time!

Love, Henriette.

It became a collection of wooden, handpainted VeryMerryXmasBalls with a design of my favorite guys; the Monks! 

The collection is a limited edition of 24 Christmas decorations - so hurry up to get yourself one of these very special decorations!⭐️

Material & technique: Wooden beads are handpainted by me with two-three layers of acrylic paint, ink and chlorine. Then the monks are painted on with white acrylic and then details are supplied with a pencil. Tiny snow crystals are carefully painted with a 00-brush before each Very-Merry-Xmas-Ball are varnished three times. Leather band for suspension and synthetic tassel are also assembled by me. Design: MONKS.

Get your unique VeryMerryXMasBall with MONK design!

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Inspiration from NYC

🌿 These leaves are from one of my sketches when I walked through Central Park last month.

🗽 New York is a city full of inspiration everywhere you go and everywhere you look. From your head to your toes. From left to right. From morning to midnight. All you have to do is open your eyes and take in the inspiration. It's enough for everyone, and it's enough for a lifetime. But, it's always good to go back and look some more. Maybe you missed a spot.

 Focused on making the details. 

Focused on making the details. 


Roka-Aardal exhibited in New York.

In just a year I've exhibited two times in New York, first with mr.Smoke and now the Monks and Kloster Lindisfarne. 🗽

Thank you @reartiste & @gallerymcnyc for believing in my art!❤️ It's been an amazing journey and I feel so proud, humble and honored to be a part of the Show Your World art exhibition. THANK YOU!⭐️⭐️⭐️

New exciting projects are beeing planned for the future. Can't wait for the collaboration!

 Top left: Painting "If I let you into my past", painting "Are you lonesome tonight?", skyline, KLOSTER Lindisfarne. 

Top left: Painting "If I let you into my past", painting "Are you lonesome tonight?", skyline, KLOSTER Lindisfarne. 


Winter has arrived in Norway, so it's definetly time to bring out the soft, curly sheepskin and wollen blankets to keep warm both in your HOME&COTTAGE! ; )

 Unique pillowcases • MONKS/MUNKER • 

Unique pillowcases • MONKS/MUNKER • 

Pillowcase: MONKS/MUNKER 🗿 45x45cm, handpainted on one side, cotton, with zipper. Special edition of only 🔟 pillowcases.

Monks exhibited in New York

Happy to tell you that these monks of mine are selected as one of the 33 finalists on the Show Your World exhibition in New York! 🚖🗽 The exhibition is organized by Re:Artiste and will be shown at the Gallery MC from the 11th - 22nd of November.  


It is ReArtiste´s second SYW-exhibition, and this January I was also lucky to join the show with my painting of mr.Smoke.  The exhibition was a great international show with finalists from over 43 countries, who showed their art, both in painting, sculpture and photography.

This time I'll be there on the GrandOpening and finally meet the wonderful Natalie Burlutskaya who organizes it all! : )  


Happy Mon(k)day to all of you!